Books are available at the Dunnville Public Library, the Dunnville Chamber of Commerce (231 Chestnut St.)

or can be purchased via email request through the website. Shipping and handling fees may apply.

Bringing Back the Past


Our popular "picture book," with more than 200 black and white photos of days past in Dunnville, introduced by a brief historical overview. 96 pgs, 6"x9".


The Senator from Stromness


The life and times of Scottish immigrant Lachlan McCallum, from boat builder to politician, most notably captain of the Dunnville Naval Brigade during the Fenian Invasion and, subsequently, a socially responsible Senator. 86 pgs. 6"x9".


Mohawk Island Lighthouse


The story of Mohawk Island Lighthouse--its construction starting in 1846, a century of lighthouse keepers, and the fight to stop the destruction of this historic landmark. 27 pgs, 5-1/2"x8-1/2".


Grand River Naval Depot


The story of the Grand River Naval Depot built in 1815 on the present site of Pt. Maitland--its construction, operation, use, and adandonment in 1834. 66 pgs. 8-1/2"x11"


Dunnville Heroes


The W.T. Robb and the Dunnville Naval Brigade in the 1866 Fenian invasion. 62 pgs, 5-1/2"x8-1/2"


Gunboats on the Great Lakes 

The story of three Royal Navy Gunboats that patrolled the Great Lakes in the aftermath of the Fenian invasions of 1866, and at the time of a crucial period in the formation of Confederation. One of the gunboats, the Britomart, spent most of her time on Lake Erie at Dunnville. 192 pgs.


Grand Heritage


A detailed history of Dunnville & the townships of Canborough, Sherbrooke, Dunn, Moulton & South Cayuga from prehistoric times to early 1990s. 552 pgs, 8-1/2"x11", with personal names and general indexes.