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Braund Kettle - An old copper kettle found at a yard sale in North Carolina turns out to be from the W. N. Braund Co., Dunnville.  William Newcomb Braund (1835-1904), a tinsmith by training, was highly esteemed and a very influential businessman in Dunnville, selling a wide variety of hardware and home items. The etching on the handle of the kettle indicates that it was made pre-Confederation, at least 150 years ago.

Reprint of "Harrison's Calendar Cookbook - 1908" - Richard A. Harrison (1855-1919) came to Dunnville at 23, and entered the drugstore business. He was president of the Dunnville Consolidated Telephone Company, and later, helped form a company to bring electric power to Dunnville. "Harrison's Calendar Cookbook" is a collection of health tips, local and world-wide historical events for every day of every month, recipes, jokes, and plenty of advertising.


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